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Hundreds expected for women’s rights rally in Richmond today

April 28, 2012


Washington Post, April 28, 2012 by Anita Kumar Hundreds of demonstrators are expected in downtown Richmond Saturday afternoon to promote women’s rights. The rally, organized by Unite Women Virginia, is one of a series of events taking place Saturday across the nation protesting what activists have dubbed the “war on women.” Virginia has been in […]

Abortion Laws Proposed In Some States Would Buck National Trend, Expand Access

April 24, 2012


Huffington Post, April 24, 2012 by Ariel Edwards-Levy WASHINGTON — As many states debate and pass new restrictions on abortion, often against increasing resistance, a small number of others are considering moves in the opposite direction, weighing legislation that would increase access to and coverage of abortions. A California bill awaiting its first hearing this […]

The War on Women: A Progressive Man’s View

April 10, 2012


Feminist Wire, April 9, 2012 by Vincent Martin A (self-admitted) conservative male acquaintance recently asked me what the War on Women means. Herein I will attempt to answer him. First, let me provide a shortened definition of War: “War is an organized, armed, and often a prolonged conflict that is carried on between states, nations, […]

The Daily Show: The Vulgar Games

March 25, 2012


The Daily Show, March 13, 2012 Click the link to play. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c The Vulgar Games – Republican Policy Routine Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog The Daily Show on Facebook

The GOP War On Women Demands A New Women’s Rights Agenda for America

March 19, 2012


The New Civil Rights Movement, March 19, 2012 by Tanya Domi “Feminism” with a capital “F” is making a roaring comeback, thanks to the Republican War On Women: misogyny on steroids. It’s time we demand a new women’s rights agenda. As a young girl growing up in basketball-crazed Indiana, I used to go to bed […]

The GOP is obsessed with women’s bodies

March 17, 2012


The Globe and Mail, Saturday March 15, 2012 by Margaret Wente What’s the matter with the Republicans? Okay, don’t snicker – what isn’t the matter with them. But it’s a serious question. Republicans haven’t always been completely crazy; they used to talk about the economy, jobs and other things that matter to the U.S. electorate. […]

Transvaginal ultrasound bill in Virginia, ‘personhood’ measures nationwide change battle lines on abortion: A Closer Look

February 19, 2012

0, February 19, 2012 by Cliff Pinckard Last week, the state House and Senate in Virginia passed two anti-abortion bills, one a ‘personhood’ law that “defines personhood at conception and “provides that unborn children at every stage of development enjoy all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to other persons, citizens, and residents of the […]

Is Virginia’s ultrasound bill the future of abortion regulation?

February 18, 2012


Washington Post, February 18, 2012 by Sarah Kliff A Virginia law that would mandate ultrasounds prior to an abortion is gaining steam — and coming under intense criticism — as it heads to Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell’s desk. Virginia’s House of Delegates and Senate have both passed the bill, while the governor has spoken favorably […]