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We’re Not ‘The Entitlement Generation’

September 12, 2012


Huffington Post, September 12, 2012 by Sandra Fluke Last weekend, Representative Walsh said he was “offended” by me, a “life-time student,” and that he wanted me to stop acting “entitled” and “get a job.” He explained that it wasn’t my fault because my generation has been raised this way and doesn’t know how to take care of […]

How the ‘war on women’ quashed feminist stereotypes

May 11, 2012


Washington Post, May 11, 2012 by Rebecca Traister When Phyllis Schlafly is forced to concede that not all feminists are ugly, it’s clear that something has gone awry on the right. Sure enough, in April, Schlafly, a conservative crusader who has been peddling stereotypes of women’s activists as physically and socially unappealing for decades, thought […]

Who says women don’t care about wages?

April 17, 2012


CNN, April 17, 2012, Sandra Fluke Editor’s note: Sandra Fluke is a third-year law student at Georgetown University Law Center and has served as president of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice. She gained national attention when she testified in February before a congressional committee on behalf of greater access to contraceptive coverage. (CNN) — […]

Missouri Contraception Law: Legislators Approve Bill Allowing Refusal Of Abortion Care

March 29, 2012


Huffington Post, March 29, 2012 by John Celock The Republican-controlled Missouri House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a bill Wednesday afternoon that would allow the denial of certain medical services to women for religious reasons, following an emotional debate where the majority leader was forced to deny he compared women to farm animals. House Majority Leader […]

The Daily Show: The Vulgar Games

March 25, 2012


The Daily Show, March 13, 2012 Click the link to play. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c The Vulgar Games – Republican Policy Routine Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog The Daily Show on Facebook

The GOP War On Women Demands A New Women’s Rights Agenda for America

March 19, 2012


The New Civil Rights Movement, March 19, 2012 by Tanya Domi “Feminism” with a capital “F” is making a roaring comeback, thanks to the Republican War On Women: misogyny on steroids. It’s time we demand a new women’s rights agenda. As a young girl growing up in basketball-crazed Indiana, I used to go to bed […]