Personhood laws revoke right to choose

Posted on September 25, 2012

Battle Creek Inquirer, September 25, 2012 by Nolan Perry

In one important way the Michigan bill HB 5711, passed by the House and currently in the Senate, echoes anti-abortion legislation in Mississippi.

The proposed Mississippi constitutional amendment expressly said what this Michigan bill legally presupposes: the fertilized human ovum, zygote, is a person entitled to the equal protection of the laws. Their supposed “personhood” effectively diminishes every woman’s right to choose.

HB5711 limits the medical procedures available to doctors performing abortions, and requires their offices or clinics to meet mandated architectural features intended to compel expensive renovations. Because administering “the morning after pill” counts as an abortion in this law, it legally makes the fertilized human ovum or zygote a person.

Since the people of Mississippi defeated their proposed personhood constitutional amendment, Michigan is alone in seeking to repeal a woman’s right to choose on the grounds that the single-celled zygote is a person.

Every one of us should get a copy of HB5711 from our state senator or representative. Whether it becomes law or not, the proposal of this bill clearly illustrates that the GOP and Tea Party converts are engaged in an all out war against Michigan women.