Oklahoma supreme court denies personhood bill

Posted on September 6, 2012

Examiner.com, September 6, 2012 by Nicole Ramage

September 5, Oklahoma supreme court ruled that the personhood bill was denied. If this bill would have been enacted, it would mean that the definition of person would be “any human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being to natural death.” The supreme court made this decision based on the fact that it would strip women of the right to birth control, whether or not they wanted to get pregnant, and in general, their reproductive rights.

Many of the pro life protesters feel that this was only done in the hopes of not creating waves just before an election as it was passed by the senate as can be seen in the attached video. Paul Ryan, is a huge supporter of the personhood bill, and many feel that if he and Romney were elected, they would have a better chance of having their bill become law.

Those that do not support personhood bills feel that they are being waged war on and that Paul Ryan would destroy many things they have worked so hard to achieve, such as the ability to have birth control, affordable health care to prevent becoming pregnant, and the ability to care for the baby when it comes– if they chose to have one. Pro-abortionists took to the supreme court claiming that this would be unconstitutional, and the judge agreed.

One Portland parent was so outraged that this would even be considered. He had this to say about the personhood bill and Paul Ryan’s attack on women;

“I am really glad that Paul Ryan didn’t win this one. He shouldn’t have any say as to whether I become a parent or not just because my girlfriend and I enjoy having sex. I really can’t comprehend why he would want to strip women of reproductive rights which would essentially over populate the country more than it already is. It is bad enough that we have thousands of kids that nobody wants living in the system, why make it worse? He doesn’t seem to realize that making abortion illegal will only mean those children will become a ward of the states. You can’t make a person be a parent if they don’t want to be.”

It seems that this parent may be on to something. Several states have similar bills on their ballots this year, and it could become a real issue for many.