Take Action: Write and email and protect women!

Posted on September 5, 2012

Cooch Watch, September 5, 2012 by Lacey Landry

We are asking you to take 5 minutes out of your day to write an e-mail to Dr. John Seeds, the anti-choice activist physician recently appointed to the Board of Health by Governor Bob McUltrasound. We are demanding that he recuse himself from the vote at the Board of Health meeting on September 14th. It is clear that Dr. Seeds’ religious and political views will directly affect his vote, which will decide the fate of many abortion clinics in Virginia. The press attempted to contact Dr. Seeds after yesterday’s protest with no avail. We have no doubt this is because he knows his vote is biased and influenced by his religious and political views, and not based on science.

Let us make this clear: We are not saying he is a bad doctor or that he shouldn’t be on the Board of Health. We are saying that his activism against abortion makes him unqualified to vote on regulations that affect abortion rights in Virginia.

You can read more about John Seeds and why we’re demanding he recuse himself here.

Contact Dr. John Seeds: jseeds@mcvh-vcu.edu and seeds746@cs.com and jseeds78@yahoo.com (Send it to all three if you can!)

You can also cc the Chair of the Board, Bruce Edwards (bedwards@vbgov.com) or write him his own e-mail explaining that you think Dr. Seeds should recuse himself.

We would love to hear what you have to say to Dr. Seeds. If you don’t mind your e-mail being seen by the world, please send us a copy! We’d love to share your passion and dedication! COOCHWATCH2012@GMAIL.COM



If you have extra extra time, feel free to send some love to Anna Jeng (hjeng@odu.edu) and Jim Edmondson (jedmondson@eandggroup.com) for fighting hard to amend the anti-choice regulations by adding a grandfather clause that would protect existing clinics. This clause was then removed by the Department of Health based on an order from The Cooch, stating that the Board of Health did not have the authority to add it. We want to let them know that we’re supporting them and hope they will fight for us again!


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