Personhood law platform is crazy

Posted on August 26, 2012, August 26, 2012 by Nan Lawson

This personhood constitutional amendment the Republicans propose in their party platform, recognizing that life begins at conception, is just crazy talk.

If this kind of legislation passes, will police investigate miscarriages?

What will the penalties be? How many classifications of murder will there need to be?

Will doctors be required to report a suspected miscarriage?

Will women forgo prenatal care to avoid knowledge of their pregnancy? If no one knows you are pregnant, you can’t be charged for accidents that might happen.

If birth control is deemed illegal (vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is on record wanting to end the availability of birth control), will we procreate freely like animals? Forget we have the technology to make life better for all?

Knowing this, can anyone vote Republican this November and set us back 60 years? Surely, women will not accept this insanity.

I thought Republicans wanted government out of their lives.

We need more birth control, not less.

Nan Lawson