Defining personhood is outside government’s realm

Posted on August 26, 2012

Wisconsin State Journal, August 26, 2012 by Bill West

There is a difference between “common” sense and “good” sense, with good sense often having less support. In the abortion debate, with a pseudo religious party demanding to thrust its will on American women, there is much not said on the subject.

Pregnancy by rape is horrible, and it is much more than a matter of women’s health. The victim of rape is a daughter or wife or mother to a family. Does the women have to bear the cross of that rape for nine months until delivery, her family taunted each day by what happened? Who pays the expenses of the pregnancy and birth? Who pays for the time out of her life for something she needs to forget?

Good sense indicates that the body starts with conception, but does the soul, the person, also start there? In some cultures, when a person dies a window is opened to let the soul go out. With the miscarriage rate up to 20 percent in the first trimester, when does the soul, the real person, enter the body? We do not have knowledge or answers on this subject.

Considering date rape drugs and predators who prey on women’s bodies, where is compassion for the rape victim and her family? Certainly not with a government seeking to mandate personhood at conception.