War on women comes to a head in Indiana

Posted on June 27, 2012

Journal Tribune, June 27, 2012 by Maureen Gill

Every now and then I read something so outrageous – indeed, terrifying – that it stops me dead in my tracks, and I have to ask what country I’m living in. I look out the window and simultaneously pinch myself and then wonder if the revolution happened while I was in a coma. This used to be a rare occurrence, but no longer. In fact, the hardest part about writing this column today was trying to choose which particular horror I would write about. Imagine that: There are so many that I actually think I could write a daily column instead of a weekly.

The horror I chose to discuss today takes us to Indiana, the state next door to where I was born and raised. Indiana has always been a homey, nice state, populated with pleasant people seemingly in full possession of sensible values and a massive dose of common sense. Today, Indiana is at the forefront of my worst nightmares, the ground zero for gut-wrenching terror.

This story concerns a young woman with a very non-Indiana name: Bei Bei Shuai. Shuai is a Chinese immigrant living in Indiana who ate rat poison in a hysterical, despondent attempt to kill herself and her unborn child.

Shuai was running a Chinese restaurant in Indianapolis with her boyfriend, Zhiliang Guan; she was eight months pregnant and Guan was the father. Shortly before Christmas, Guan told her he was married, had a family, and was high-tailing it back to them. Shuai begged him to stay, but his answer to Shuai, the woman carrying his own flesh and blood in her womb, was to callously throw her some money and leave her hysterically weeping on her knees in a parking lot.

Then, quite obviously out of her mind, Shuai ingested rat poison. She wrote a letter in Mandarin saying she was killing herself and would “take this baby with me to Hades.” Friends rushed her to a hospital where a baby girl was delivered by Caesarean section. Shuai named the baby Angel and reportedly wept as she held the infant in her arms for several hours before the child died.

I weep now.

It’s hard to believe but this story actually gets worse.

After Shuai spent a month in a psychiatric ward, she was arrested when the Marion County prosecutor, Terry Curry, a Democrat, filed charges against Shuai for murder and feticide. For legal reasons that are not clear to me – lack of money, probably – Shuai then was forced to sit in jail for a year awaiting trial. Just recently, she was able to post bond and was released from jail pending her murder trial in December. Shuai must also wear an electronic monitor that tracks her movements at all times, and which she must pay for herself at a cost of $12 per day. If convicted, this young woman will spend years in prison.

It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if, should she be convicted, some crazy new law will grant the state the authority to stone her. Maybe they’ll let the baby’s father throw the first stone.

This, my friends, is the new America, a terrifying place where fetal life trumps maternal life; where a pathological obsession with pregnancy now treats women as breeder cows whose lives are expendable in the preservation of the calf.

We’re told there is no war on women. To hell, you say.

Believe me, I have a whole lot more to share with you about this case and trust me, I will; I intend to follow it closely. Today, however, I have to keep it short because, quite frankly, I’m too disgusted to write anything that’s printable.

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