Sen. Rand Paul Ruins More Things with Anti-Choice Antics

Posted on June 27, 2012

NARAL Blog for Choice, June 27, 2012

Today, a key committee of the U.S. Senate was a supposed to consider a bill to give Washington, D.C. greater autonomy over its own budget.

But, the committee won’t get a chance to because of…Sen. Rand Paul.

The junior senator from the commonwealth of Kentucky filed several amendments to the D.C. budget bill, including one that would permanently ban the District from using its own money to pay for abortion care for low-income women. Sen. Paul’s anti-choice antics helped derail the entire bill.

This comes a day after the senator stuck a “personhood” amendment into a flood-insurance bill – delaying action just as hurricane season heats up.

Now, you may be thinking, for a guy who’s supposed to be all libertarian and states’ rights-y, this behavior sure looks like big-government overreach.

Here’s what Sen. Paul had to say for himself, “We don’t have [control] over the states, but we do for D.C.”

So, there you have it: Sen. Rand Paul, or “why Congress can’t get anything done.”


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