ND in the clear for personhood amendment?

Posted on June 15, 2012

One News Now, June 15, 2012 by Charlie Butts

Incumbent state Senator Curtis Olafson (R), who personally killed personhood proposals in 2009 and 2011, lost his bid for re-election this week. Keith Mason of Personhood USA tells OneNewsNow that clears the way for a fresh bid for passage.

“The legislature will do the amending. Now the citizens can refer it to the ballot, so we would expect Planned Parenthood and company to actually refer it to the ballot similar to what they did in South Dakota,” he comments. “We’re just beginning the battle. It could go one of many ways, but we won’t stop fighting until every child’s protected by love and by law.”

Mason is confident that North Dakota voters will approve the issue, if it makes it to the ballot. As for the open Senate seat, Personhood USA supported Joe Miller, a pro-life lawmaker, who defeated the now former state senator.

“Again, this is just one of many to come,” the pro-lifer notes, “and I think that certain politicians could perhaps learn from the North Dakota situation that they ought to stand by what they say. They ought to not only just say they’re pro-life, but act it, too. And if they do, then they’ll have our help; if they don’t, we’ll work against them.”
The 2011 Defense of Human Life Act passed the North Dakota House 68-25 and received a “do pass” recommendation from the Senate Judiciary Committee by a 5-1 margin. The measure defined a human being as “an individual member of the species homo sapiens at every stage of development” and “person,” as used in state law, to “include all human beings.”


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