House Republicans Likely Will Block Amendment To Remove Military Abortion Ban

Posted on June 13, 2012

Think Progress, June 13, 2012 by Ben Sherman

A Senate committee already has passed Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s (D-NH) amendment to ensure that military insurance plans cover abortion services in cases of rape and incest, giving military women the same access to abortion care as civilians. Currently, military insurance plans only offer abortion coverage if the mother’s life is in danger. But even though Republican senators like John McCain (AZ) and Scott Brown (MA) support the Shaheen Amendment, a GOP staffer told Army Times that House Republicans will likely remove the amendment from the National Defense Authorization Bill because “social provisions that are not reflected in both bills heading into conference don’t survive.” Without the amendment, the roughly 200,000 women serving on active duty would not “have the same rights to affordable reproductive health services as all of the civilians who they protect,” Shaheen said.

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