Montana Pushes For Fertilized Egg As Person Ballot Amendment

Posted on June 7, 2012

RH Reality Check, June 7, 2012 by Robin Marty

The state of Montana is about as “Get your hands off me, government!” as they come, which is why a ballot initiative that would allow new laws banninb abortion, some forms of birth control, and fertility treatments seems oddly placed. But that’s not stopping the so-called “Personhood” movement from trying it anyway.

Via Women Are Watching:

Opponents of women’s health in Montana are pushing for a new so-called “personhood” amendment (CI-108) currently seeking qualification for the November, 2012 ballot. If this initiative makes it to the November ballot and is passed, it would define “personhood” under the Montana Constitution as beginning at the moment of fertilization. So, fertilized eggs would be granted full rights and privileges delineated in the state constitution.

Voters should be skeptical of this initiative, which goes too far in meddling with the personal lives of Montanans. At a time when the government should be focused on jobs and the economy, issues like CI-108 do nothing but divert attention from the real concerns of Montanans while interfering with families’ most private decisions. Voters should be skeptical of CI-108 because it has no exception for rape or incest. In fact, it could outlaw everything from birth control to in vitro fertilization to stem cell research.

So far, every attempt to pass fertilized egg as a person bills via constitutional amendment has failed.


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