Republican Rep. Says Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Imprisoned

Posted on June 1, 2012

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Say what you want about Chris Matthews, at least he has the spine to grill Republicans and call them out. On Friday, Republican Rep. Cliff Stearns appeared on Hardball on MSNBC to discuss the failed anti-abortion bill known as the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, which would have imprisoned doctors for performing sex or race selective abortions. During the appearance, Stearns told Matthews that women who undergo an abortion should be charged with a crime and imprisoned. He also said doctors should be imprisoned for performing the procedure.

Stearns then attempted to defend the GOP backed bill by saying that since Europe and Asia have similar laws on the books, the United States should follow suit and pass the same laws here. In response, Matthews slammed Stearns and conservatives for being hypocrites.

Chris Matthews: So it should be a criminal matter for the woman as well as the doctor?

Cliff Stearns: I think so. You are killing an embryo and in some cases you are killing an embryo that is four or five months into gestation…if all of Europe and most of Asia has this same rule, that you cannot have sex selection as an abortion, why can’t we in the United States pass the same bill?”

Chris Matthews: “… It’s always amazing when you guys on the right want to import the values of other countries. Any time we do it, any time a liberal tries to do it, you say they’re bringing foreign values into this country.”

Chris Matthews should be applauded for quickly challenging Stearns and the Republican Party. Not only is it monstrously wrong to imprison women for making their own reproductive decisions, especially since Republicans are essentially calling for imprisoning women who choose an abortion after being raped, and unfortunate little girls who require abortions after being impregnated by their fathers, but it’s hypocritical of Republicans to accuse President Obama of wanting to turn America into a foreign nation while at the same time trying to pass legislation because Europe and Asia have adopted similar measures. It’s one of those moments that should be replayed over and over again in Democratic campaign ads across the nation.

Simply put, Republicans are morally bankrupt hypocrites and hopefully Americans figure that out by November.

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