Iowa’s GOP Proposed Platform: The Tea Party Vision For Subjugating Women

Posted on May 22, 2012

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This is not a surprising document. It’s a Tea Party bonanza and another petrifying example of why Democrats need to gain control of the government in the next election.

As an activist for women’s rights, I am only going to focus on the issues pertaining to women and abortion rights. I urge you to read the entire document, as this is what the Tea Party wants ALL of America to look like. They have a decent shot at taking this country over and it’s up to the citizens to make that decision in the voting booth this November. You can view the document in it’s entirety here.

Please take a look at these propositions, share them with young women you know and explain how it can affect their lives now and in the future. I have selected a just a few for you to read:

1.4  We disagree with Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton as “settled law.” Under the tenth amendment, these Supreme Court decisions have no authority over the states.

1.6  We oppose the use of public revenues for abortion, and call for the elimination of government funding for all organizations, such as Planned Parenthood which advocate or support abortions.

1.9  We believe in “conscience-clause” legislation so that no physician, pharmacist or healthcare provider can be penalized for refusing to prescribe, dispense or participate in the procurement of an abortion or anything contrary to the conscience of the health care provider.

1.10   We support an Iowa “Women’s Right To Know Law” requiring informed consent—including a three day waiting period and a mandatory ultrasound—before any elective abortion services may be provided. “Informed Consent” means that abortionists must offer to the pregnant woman, prior to the abortion, complete factual information about the complications of abortion, the biological development of the unborn, fetal pain, and the availability of alternatives to abortion.

1.14  We support legislation that would prohibit organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, from entering public school facilities for the purpose of promoting abortion.

When was the last time you saw Planned Parenthood or any organization promoting abortions? And, although the Tea Party would have you believe otherwise, tax dollars, do not now, nor have they ever been spent on abortions and there are no plans to include abortions among publicly funded medical procedures.

While any women choosing to have an abortion should understand the risks involved, mandating an unnecessary ultrasound and allowing a pharmacist or health care professional to deny a women birth control is a judgment based on a religious belief.

The choice of abortion is not a pleasant one for any woman. It’s not something we aspire to nor do we wish to use it as a form of birth control. It is however, legal. If you become pregnant and choose to terminate the pregnancy, you still have that option. The Tea Party wants eliminate your choices by dictating their personal and religious beliefs and making them law.

Republicans currently dominate the House. If they keep the House, or take hold of the Senate or Presidency, we are not going to make the progress that will save this country from financial ruin and the theft of our individual freedoms. As it stands, we have choices. Those choices are in danger of  being taken away.

I have spoken to many young women about the threat to their rights. Sadly, the ones I have talked with are not informed and a few have expressed the feeling that so much corruption plagues our voting system that voting makes no difference. To that I say, VOTE ANYWAY!  What would happen if nobody voted? What if only members of the Tea Party voted? By choosing to not exercise your right, you are throwing your choices away. If your rights are stripped because you gave up, you will have no one to blame but yourself and you WILL have to suffer those consequences for a long time to come.

I ask again that you take a look at all that is proposed in this document. Is this the America you wish to live in? You have a voice. Use it and VOTE!!

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