Voters in the GA GOP Primary Will Vote on Personhood

Posted on May 21, 2012

Christian News Wire, May 21, 2012 by Suzanne Ward

NORCROSS, Ga.,  — Georgia Right to Life President Dan Becker today announced that Republican voters in all 159 GA counties will have the opportunity to approve granting “personhood” status to all human beings from their earliest biological beginning. The ballot question will appear on the July 31st Republican primary ballot.
“Of all the freedoms we hold sacred,” Becker said, “the right to life is paramount. It is the ultimate civil right granted to us by God–without this right all other rights are moot.”
While the resolution is non-binding, Becker said its approval would “send a clear message to all elected officials in the state that a majority of voters reject the current culture of death created by abortion on demand.”
Specifically, the question reads: “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide that the paramount right to life is vested in each innocent human being from his or her earliest biological beginning without regard to age, race, sex, health, function, or condition of dependency?”
To become a law, the GA legislature would vote to place the Personhood question on the general election ballot in 2014 to be approved by Georgia’s voters.
“While abortion advocates like to claim the practice should be safe, legal and rare, the reality is that 56 million innocent lives have been sacrificed on the altar of choice since Roe v Wade in l973,” Becker said.”
Over 34,000 preborn children are killed annually in Georgia. Earlier this year, the Legislature approved, and Governor Nathan Deal signed, a law that prohibits abortions after a preborn is capable of feeling pain, which was set at 20 weeks.
“That was a significant step forward,” Becker said, noting that it will save an estimated 1,500 lives a year, “but now it’s time to completely end this holocaust in Georgia.”
Georgia Right to Life promotes respect and effective legal protection for all human life from its earliest biological beginning through natural death. GRTL is one of number of organizations that have adopted Personhood as the most effective pro-life strategy for the 21st century.


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