New Hampshire House Conservatives Sneak Anti-Contraception Provision Into Unrelated Senate Bill

Posted on May 17, 2012

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New Hampshire House Republicans are trying to sneak a provision into a totally unrelated Senate bill, that allows employers to deny women contraception if they have religious objections.

“The House voted 205-134 Tuesday to add a provision to an unrelated Senate bill to add the exemption to businesses partly or wholly owned by a religious society, and for employers formed for a religious intent. The Senate voted 19-4 last month to effectively kill a broader similar measure championed by Republican House Speaker, William O’Brien.”

Such a measure is similar to those being introduced and enacted by Republican controlled legislatures and governorships across the country. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer recently signed  a similar bill into law. But this isn’t an entire bill. New Hampshire House Republicans are literally trying to sneak a short provision into a larger unrelated bill, in an attempt to get their anti-contraception agenda passed into law.  In other words, employers will have a say over what their female employees can decide about their own reproductive health. Hopefully the Senate will notice the tacked on measure, and strike it down as they did the earlier attempt to pass a full bill.

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