Knitted Uteri Make an Impact on Voters

Posted on May 8, 2012

Govt Free VJJ, May 8, 2012, Press Release

The Snatchel Project continues to draw attention to the War On
Women. What began as a grassroots movement on Twitter has grown
into a social media phenomenon, drawing worldwide attention and

“Hands off my uterus! Here–have a knitted one of your own!”
The movement, started by knitting author and teacher Donna
Druchunas and assisted by Annie Modesitt and Susan Santos, has
gained a following on Twitter (#govtfreevjj), Facebook (Government
Free V-JJ), Ravelry (an online knitting and crochet forum of over two
million members–Government Free V-JJ) and with a website, Over 2,100 women and men have
signed on as members of these groups, with the goal of supporting
women’s reproductive rights. Approximately 275 uteri have so far been
sent or hand delivered to 41 states, the majority going to Arizona.
All 50 states have been targeted to receive handcrafted uteri and other
female reproductive organs, and the project has received support from
experts such as Eve Agee, bestselling author of The Uterine Health
Companion, International Book Awards winner, and former Appointee
to the Clinton White House:

“The groundswell of support for Government Free VJJ sends a
clear message that American women want Congress to get their
laws off our bodies and allow all women to have free and equal
access to the health care we deserve.”

While states such as Virginia and Idaho have toned down or even
killed bills that included such measures as medically unnecessary
trans-vaginal ultrasounds, other states continue to introduce bills that
would severely limit women’s reproductive health choices. This is why,
state the organizers of Government Free VJJ, they will continue to put
pressure on members of Congress and state legislators by calling upon
their group participants to craft uteri well into election season.

For additional information contact:
Susan Santos
Project Partner