National Organization for Women (NOW) key organizer in Unite Women marches nationwide

Posted on May 4, 2012

Young Feminist Task Force, May 4, 2012

Most of you have heard about the Unite Women marches that took place all around the country this past Saturday, with a final headcount of 47,000.  What you may not know is the invaluable part National Organization for Women (NOW) played in organizing the actions nationwide.  As soon as you visit the site, the first picture is of the Action Alert NOW sent to our wide network of feminist supporters to join Unite Women.  Want to keep the momentum going?  Join your local chapter of NOW.

Please click here for some examples of NOW members’ participation across the nation – in the press and in their own words.  Within the photos and videos, look for the NOW rounds that say “Keep Abortion Legal,” “End Violence against Women,” and more.

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