Republicans In Georgia Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks Of Pregnancy, Even In Cases Of Rape

Posted on May 2, 2012

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It was a one sided battle that resulted in Democratic women walking out of the legislature while their male Republican colleagues voted to take away their right to choose. Now the bill that prompted the walkout has been signed into law by Georgia Republican Governor Nathan Deal, according to the Chicago Tribune.

With its passage, Georgia is now the seventh state to ban abortion after 20 weeks. The legislation made no exceptions for women who are raped or impregnated by incest. The bill does, however, allow an exception if the mother’s life is in danger or if the fetus has extreme defects that make survival doubtful.

Anti-abortion groups in Georgia are unhappy with the bill because they wanted no exceptions at all, meaning they would gladly allow a pregnant woman to die rather than grant her an abortion. It’s a callous notion that they could seek to restore in later legislative sessions.

The bill was passed under the notion that fetuses can feel pain starting at 20 weeks. That notion, however, is false. Scientific studies place a fetus’ ability to feel pain at 24 weeks or even later. According to multiple studies, including one in 2005, scientists generally agree that fetuses can’t feel pain until well into the third trimester after 24 weeks. The 2005 study actually suggests 28 weeks. What is it about facts do Republicans not understand? Have they lost the ability to read and do basic research?

Even the fact that Republicans are going to force rape victims to give birth against their will is deplorable. By not granting this exception, Republicans are giving rapists the sick pleasure of knowing that they can torture their victims for an additional nine months or more. Republicans are rewarding rapists with children. For some sick reason, Republicans want raped women to suffer nine months of psychological and physical pain on top of the pain of being raped. It is immoral to the core and is exactly the reason why Republicans are being accused of waging a war against women.

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