Are Anti-Choice Groups Finally Pushing Lawmakers Too Hard?

Posted on April 30, 2012

RH Reality Check, April 30, 2012 by Robin Marty

In Ohio, anti-choice groups schism over the controversial “heartbeat ban,” with one set of anti-choice activists declaring that the other side was going too far and could potentially damage the movement with their zealotry.

Now, the same sort of push back appears to be happening in Oklahoma, were the so-called “personhood” movement angered their political allies by trying to strong arm them into voting on a bill they simply did not want to hear.

The legislature refused the attempt to make them introduce and vote on granting “personhood” rights to fertilized eggs, and blocked every move the Personhood Oklahoma supporters made to publicly call them out and force a floor vote.

Now, it’s the personhood activists who are backing off, and apologizing for their actions.

Via Tulsa World:

[House Speaker Designate T.W. Shannon] told Kevin Calvey, the group’s vice chairman and a former House member, that he had “not only disrespected this institution, but you have also demonstrated an utter lack of professionalism and integrity. Your credibility has been damaged to the point that I respectfully request that you do not lobby my office, and you remove me from your correspondence list.”

Such strong statements from the next House speaker ought to worry pro-life leaders, and it seems they did.

Calvey backed off the threat to “score” the procedural vote as a pro-abortion vote. And Oklahomans for Life’s leader, Tony Lauinger, issued an apology to House GOP members.

“In our zeal to pass Senate Bill 1433, we reached the point this week where our efforts became counterproductive, and for that, I sincerely apologize,” he wrote. He termed the effort “poor judgment.”

When your movement leader has to kiss and make up with his own political allies, you know a group’s popularity — and their legislation — is in the toilet.