Wisconsin women rally against the “War on Women”

Posted on April 28, 2012

WEAU 13, April 28, 2012

MADISON, Wis. (WEAU) — Across the nation and even in Wisconsin, hundreds of women are expressing their frustration through rallies and marches.

It’s against what they call the “War on Women.”

Around the capitol in Madison, supporters rallied at the “Unite Against the War on Women” event.

Democratic candidate for Governor Kathleen Falk was there to rally as well.

Supporters say it’s not fair to pay women 81 cents to the dollar and not have a remedy to get justice.

They also think it’s not fair to cut funding to Planned Parenthood Centers that provide cancer screens and reproductive health care.

Falk says she refuses to let this happen in Wisconsin.

“I was only woman or first in the court room fighting to protect our natural resources, first county executive in Dane County and we’ll keep bursting through those ceilings until any boy or girl can be whatever they want,” says Falk.

Falk has been endorsed by Emily’s List and The Women’s Campaign Fund.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is also responding to those rallies.

The organization’s executive director Tanya Atkinson issued a statement saying: “The war on women is real and has dire consequences here in Wisconsin. Led by Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislative majority, Wisconsin women have seen a reversal of their rights and access to essential health care services.”

However, Republican supporters say that Governor Walker is helping more women screen for breast and cervical cancer than ever before through the “Wisconsin Well Women Program.”