WI: Rally against war on women

Posted on April 28, 2012

The Cap Times, April 28, 2012

Thousands of women and men will be gathering Saturday at Wisconsin’s Capitol to challenge Gov. Scott Walker’s repeated attacks on the rights of women.

Walker is a militant in this regard,

He has signed laws undermining reproductive rights protections. He has signed laws undermining pay equity protections. He has signed laws that cut the wages and benefits for professions in which women are most likely to work: teaching, nursing, caregiving.

Women have noticed. Polls show a growing “gender gap” as women voters signal clear opposition to Walker in the upcoming recall election.

But women and the men who support them are not waiting until June 5 to voice their belief that attacks on the rights, wages and benefits of women pull down all of society.

They will be rallying today at the Capitol today as part for a national day of education, awareness, and empowerment organized by the United Against the War on Women movement. Organizers say: “With each passing day, the grass-roots movement known simply as Unite Women (and as Unite Against the War on Women) gains strength in numbers and expands its network of unity. Those who marginalize and dismiss the War on Women as imaginary cannot silence this movement. Our message, amplified in the strong voices of our Wisconsin sisters and brothers, in the voices of our Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois neighbors, and in the voices of women across this nation, will be heard. We will all unite in a resounding battle cry of, ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.’ ”

That’s the spirit.

Join the rally from 1 to 3 p.m. at the South Hamilton Street side of the Capitol.