Pro-Choice People Dream of a World Where All Babies Are Aborted, Says Ridiculous Governor

Posted on April 25, 2012

Jezebel, April 25, 2012 by Erin Gloria Ryan

Just as zombies crave the delicious chewy flesh of the human brain, so too do pro-abortion rights people crave nothing more than to abort the shit out of every pregnancy. We’re like hormonal teenagers. We’ll abort anything that walks. All day we dream about abortion. At least, according to Mississippi Governor and personhood advocate Phil Bryant.

Bryant’s “liberals & abortion sittin’ in a tree” speech came during an appearance on a conservative radio program. During the softball interview, the governor was asked to defend a law he just signed that would impose new restrictions on the state’s only abortion clinic. The new law will require all doctors who perform abortions to be board-certified OB-GYNs and have admitting privileges at a local hospital, and it was written under the guise that this was somehow promoting women’s safety. Problem is, the three doctors operating out of Jackson’s abortion clinic are already board-certified, and because two of them fly in from out of state and the clinic doesn’t have enough complications to justify admitting privileges, local hospitals won’t grant the two non-local doctors the certification they need to be legally allowed to practice in-state. Barring judicial injunction, once the law goes into effect on July 1, women in Mississippi’s access to abortion will be even more threatened than it already is.

Abortion rights advocates claim that the law is unfair and endangers women in Mississippi by limiting their access to necessary medical care. They argue that doctors are flown in from out of state because doctors who practice in-state in Mississippi are subject to constant threats and harassment, and point out that Governor Bryant doesn’t care about women’s safety as much as he cares about forcing pregnant women to stay pregnant, since he also served as the co-chair of Yes on 26, the state’s failed Personhood amendment that would have defined “personhood” as beginning at the moment of conception. He hates abortion. But not as much as he thinks abortion rights advocates love it and that people all over the country are getting abortion-rich off of pregnancy terminations. He said,

You would think that Barack Obama and all those on the left that love so much to talk about women’s health care would rush to support this bill, would just say, ‘absolutely we want the strongest health care, we want admissions privileges, we want that women that is going through that abortion for her life and safety to be paramount,’ well it should be the paramount of the child.

Even if you believe in abortion, the hypocrisy of the left that now tried to kill this bill, that says that I should have never signed it, the true hypocrisy is that their one mission in life is to abort children, is to kill children in the womb. It doesn’t really matter, they don’t care if the mother’s life is in jeopardy, that if something goes wrong that a doctor can’t admit them to a local hospital, that he’s not even board certified. We passed that bill and I think you’ll see other states follow and when that happens at least these fly-in abortionists are going to be regulated under the state laws of the Medical Procedures Act here in the state of Mississippi as they should be across the nation.

This guy is a governor. Of an entire state.

Thinking that pro-abortion rights is the same as being pro-abortion for everyone is like thinking that being pro-marriage equality is the same as wanting everyone to get gay married. Offering women in Mississippi access to choice will result in a healthier, happier, more economically solvent population. And will also result in millions in profits for those of us who have sunk all of our retirement money into The Secret Liberal Abortion Millionaires Fund.


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