Dude Lawmaker: How Dare Government Try To Control Men’s Bodies!

Posted on April 12, 2012


The Frisky, April 12, 2012 by Jessica Wakeman

Nothing is quite so entertaining as people who don’t recognize their own hypocrisy, huh? Recently, our hero, Oklahoma State Sen. Constance Johnson (D), introduced an “Every Sperm Is Sacred” law to try to outlaw male masturbation. Legislators in OK have been concerned with banning abortion rights, including a “fetal personhood” amendment which would define a fertilized egg as a person, thereby criminalizing all abortion and IVF treatment.  So, Sen. Johnson thought politicians should turn their attention to all the poor little spermies being spanked out in the shower. ”If we’re taking about protecting life, then let’s talk about life at it’s very basic beginning,” she told “The Daily Show” last night.

But State Sen. Ralph Shortey (R) isn’t having it. He is anti-abortion and a supporter of “fetal personhood,” but government control of women’s bodies is sooo different from government control of men’s bodies. I mean, this is men we are talking about.  ”The Johnson amendment is an egregious attack on personal liberty from the government,” he huffed and puffed.  ”It would be a huge free choice issue. Basically the government is telling a man what he can and cannot do with his body.”

Irony, dude. Look it up.  [The Daily Show]

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