Pro-Choice Postcards: “Women’s Rights Not Up for Debate” and against Motion 312

Posted on April 3, 2012

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, April 3, 2012
These are postcards for mailing to MPs or the Prime Minister.  (Find your MP here.)
Click on the postcard image (on original site) to view/download – see options below.

  •  “Women’s Rights Not Up for Debate”
  • “Women’s Rights Not Up for Debate” and along bottom: “Say no to M-312 and government attacks on reproductive rights.”

Options for postcards:

  • Save files to your hard drive for printing, if you have the ability to print them in colour on card stock.
  • Save files to a memory stick or CD and take to a local supportive organization (e.g., a union) that agrees to print them for free.
  • Send the link to this page ( directly to a printer or organization that can print them for you.
  • Send the link to your friends for viewing, printing, reposting etc.
  • Post the link on your Facebook page, Twitter, blog, etc.
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