Florida “Uterus Controversy” Song Parody

Posted on April 8, 2011

YouTube, April 8, 2011 by dptilson

New song parody from South Florida Raging Grannies, inspired by Florida’s crazy “uterus controversy” that has made national news headlines; annoyed, amused and activated countless more women (and men) into opposing the corporate-loving, women-bashing Republican Party of FL; and made an instant celebrity/hero out of FL State Representative (D-Orlando) Scott Randolph, who dared utter the “U-word” while speaking on the House floor about the hypocrisy of the 18 anti-Choice bills that the GOP has advanced during this 2011 legislative session.

If you want to sing “The Uterus Song at a demonstration, rally or hell, a birthday party near you, here are the sensational, stinging lyrics…

The Uterus Song
(Tune: “Bye-Bye Blackbird”)
Lyrics © by Vicki Ryder

If you’re a Republican, it’s okay to screw everyone,
Just don’t say “uterus!”
You can send our kids to war while watching your investments soar,
But don’t say “uterus!”
Taking bribes used to be thought just awful;
Now fat cats pay for your campaigns, that’s lawful…
You can take our rights away and torture folks, that’s still okay.
Just don’t say… that word.

You take funds from Planned Parenthood; you’d take all our rights if ya could,
But don’t say “uterus!”
You think abortion is a sin, but what’s that fetus growin’ in?
Shh! Don’t say uterus!
You can get away with bloody torture,
Just don’t say where you were when the stork brought ya.
We’re glad you’re lookin’ out for us, so stamp your feet and make a fuss
When you hear… that word!

Since when is it a dirty word to say the “u” word? That’s absurd!
We’ll say “uterus.”
We’ll sing it strong and sing it loud; it’s a part of us that makes us proud
So we’ll say “uterus.”
We’re not ashamed to call our parts their right names,
We’re just ashamed of men who play these mind games.
So end the wars and feed the poor; do what you were elected for,
And shout out loud… that word!

Uterus and uterus, uterus and uterus, uterus, uterus!
Uterus and uterus, uterus and uterus, uterus, uterus!
Uterus and uterus and uterus,
Uterus and uterus and uterus,
Uterus and uterus, uterus and uterus, uterus, uterus!